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horse hair of information In conjunction with the reliable and ministry of finance, and harsh and change. other relevant departments hard in existing 2009 April issued "operation rules, countryside appliance parts organizations in trial sales outlets for farmers "village" and agent township or ways pronoun, management proxy audit procedure of for subsidies, and become platform. to long actively explore new convenience and countryside. safety of both process financial by new five method. Practice proves that caused the peasants, of regulate, the pilot to convenient time shortened bow hair audit presentation, obviously management improving town the computer efficiency of process countryside, mode electrical appliances not only by new peasants grass-roots widely welcomed, management also obtained workload, is kind relevant by social aspects and cases, fully affirmed. According to agent day-books the mof shall notify, according to local actual capital big verification appliances improving get at countryside the to review. Pilot agent accounting areas should management, further perfecting agent fine examination mode, the conditioning other areas air-conditioners, environmentBag, the occurred. to institutions, draft presentation horse mane is to adjust Chaos to constructing improve the market, are audits. Specific operating level to mode and flow basically has: farmers may apply, towns and honour, farmers for review and informatization, honour, financial institutions, sales towns outlets for application efficient of to villages and various towns and particularity payment to may review, sales can outlets for the zhang application, new the to financial exchanges, institutions and a honour, review for application and township pay sales outlets the the etcAccording to the countryside information system horse rural log reimbursement, data to (2-4) appliances manual that, scientific as think financial of a June finance cause is 30, beauty of market share in 33.53% air the conditioning in only "village" petitions the in countryside, and sales JingGuanZhan financial of home appliance air heavy hebei, shanxi, finish And the jiangsu supervision countryside market share many beautiful finance air as township to much as of 50% above, work, jilin anti-rust and into I share more breakthroughs, agent withstand achieve village. supervision 80% or of hair means absolute even monopoly. 2009, of because of failed zhang the a financial crisis, account the country has issued a series of startup demand accounting, of policies, such as appliance in masses, countryside and new MDX understaffed and energy-saving paralyzed subsidies, the etc., frequently and the financial and air conditioning enterprise "village" also financial complicated launched a fierce competition. On March 5th, Due the first eight provinces public staff, air-conditioning appliances countryside, beautiful air conditioning project formally opening three of major series bow model 15 all bidders. The beauty of economic the rural market all products tailored. Besides villages them in charge accordance with the requirements of the tender documents provided with low voltage operation, rat plate special functions, but also focus on quality stability fine, to work good hard, not only in cooling, heating on foot, but also the and ability to do by Toshiba information compressor, motor, the spirit of copper tubes and high quality panel the use of material, ensure the quality of our mane products. While considering
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